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March 2016 VIP Newsletter

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News from Elcho Park Pet Hotel!  

The Easter Bunny is on his way!

Easter PicEaster at Elcho Park Pet Hotel is one of our busiest times of the year. As it has come around early this year, it feels like many of our regulars have just finished their Christ mas holidays, only to be right back here again for Easter. What a treat!

Please note that we are almost full for the Easter long weekend and with all Easter deposits due today, March 10th, it is important that we hear from you otherwise we cannot we cannot guarantee your booking.

If you have not paid your Easter deposit, your booking may be cancelled. If you no longer require your booking it would be appreciated if you notify us immediately. If you are still looking for accommodation for your pets over this period, please contact the office as soon as possible and we can let you know what is still available.

It is also important to note that our office is closed right throughout Easter from March 25th (Good Friday) to March 29th (Easter Monday). Our facility runs as usual behind the scenes but our reception is not open on these days.

As we have so many clients arriving on Thursday 24th please allow enough time to check-in to our facility. The office will also be open from 8:30am – 12:00pm on Wednesday 23rd March by appointment only.

Please check now that all your pets are up to date with their immunisations (within the last 12-months) and any medications are properly labelled prior to your pet’s arrival. At check-in it is important that all your information is correct and up to date, especially at least one emergency contact person who will be available while you are away. We look forward to seeing you all soon! Please contact the office if you have any questions about your pets stay - 5282 1286

Doggy Day Care Notice 

keep calm

Due to Elcho Park Pet Hotel being wonderfully busy over the Easter break, Doggy Day Care will be unavailable from the 24th of March until the 28th of March.

We will be starting back on Tuesday the 29th of March.

Don't forget, the February VIP offer of a Free Doggy Day Care session expires on 22nd March - make sure you take advantage of this great offer!

Have a great Easter, we will miss you over the break!


A Day in the Life... 

more dog

Check out Jedd, Indy, Gizmo, Boo and Rubella! They say the best thing about Elcho Park Pet Hotel is the great fun they have with their friends during their extra Play Times! 

Beware of Chocolate and Pets!  

dog and chocolateThe Easter Bunny is about to make his deliveries and we are delivering a warning message—KEEP ALL CHOCOLATE OUT OF PAW’S REACH! 

Cats are less likely to be interested in sweet treats but you should be aware that pets of the canine variety are designed to seek out EVERY morsel of chocolate! There is a derivative of caffeine in chocolate (called theobromine) that your dog’s body cannot digest, making it very harmful if eaten.

Ingestion of chocolate may lead to:
  • Hyperactivity
  • Tremors
  • Panting
  • Racing heart
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Seizures
  • In severe cases, death

As a general rule, the darker the chocolate the more toxic it is. So what do you do if you think your dog has found your secret stash of chocolate? Seek emergency help as soon as possible! Inducing vomiting and removing the toxic chocolate from your dog’s system will give your pooch the best chance at a good outcome. Severe toxicities may require more intensive treatment.

Remember ALL NIGHT EMERGENCY help is available; so if in doubt… get it out ASAP! As a responsible pet owner you should be aware of the closest 24-hr emergency veterinary clinic. For most Geelong residents this could be ‘Geelong Animal Emergency’ which is located at 102 Fyans St, Geelong. The clinic is open 24/7 including public holidays. We suggest saving their number in your phone – in an emergency situation you want to contact a vet as quickly as possible – 5222 2139.

Did you know? 

March Did U Know

The Newfoundland dog breed has a water resistant coat and webbed feet. This dog was originally bred to help haul nets for fishermen and rescuing people at risk of drowning.

Pet Quote 


Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside a dog it’s too dark to read. – Groucho Marx.

Complimentary VIP (Very Important Pet) Offer 

happy easter

As a special Easter gift from us to you, we would like to offer you one of our limited edition Elcho Park Pet Hotel Travel Bowls. These are great to keep in the car, folding up to take next to no space at all and hold enough water to refresh your pooch. Ask our friendly staff to recieve yours free today.

Bonus Facebook Offer 

Heading to Geelong and the Bellarine this Labour Day long weekend? 'Like' our Facebook Page and mention this offer to receive a FREE Play-Time or Yappy-Hour and let us give your pet the best long weekend!

Facebook Page:

labour day

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The Pets Hotel Country Club is situated at Elcho Park and boasts a history that dates back 150 years! The bluestone cottage was originally built in 1867 as the gatehouse to the Elcho Homestead located on the hill on Bacchus Marsh Road and was part of a 4,000 acre estate.

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  • Thank you so much to the staff at Elcho Park Pet Hotel! This was the first time leaving our Mac for more than a night and I was so worried as to how he'd go! Staff were very understanding with this worried mum ringing to check on her puppy! He's come home so relaxed and happy and just want some cuddle time! Highly recommend to anyone needing to leave their pets! Thank you all from the De Marchi's and Mac!

    Jessie Henley April 7th 2015 (Facebook)
  • (5 stars) We have 2 high maintenance rescue dogs that have been institutionalised to stay in our local kennels. Unfortunately they were closed over a period recently and we needed to look elsewhere. Elcho Park was recommended to us by our local kennels and we travelled down from Ballan to do a trial. Jocelyn was exceptional and talked us through a long list of obviously well established and used procedures they have in place for difficult to handle dogs. We then subsequently met Ellen and Marnie at check in and check out who were equally knowledgeable, relaxed with handling the boys and encouraging of us keeping in touch to see how the boys progressed. We rang every day!!! Our littlest initially refused to eat which meant he wasn't getting some medication. The girls were extremely creative about getting him comfortable with lots of different snacks, food choices, hiding v crushing up etc. They also went to great lengths to spend time at the pens so he would be more trusting and relaxed. Perseverance paid off and for that we are so grateful. They also came home relaxed, happy and very vocal ... sadly no bark issues here!!! I will agree with others that the pens were a little on the smelly side and the facility does look quite tired and in need of a little love. That said the pens we had the boys in were spotlessly clean and there was lots of clean fresh water when we arrived unannounced to pick them up just after 8:30am Tuesday. All I can say is the team there really is amazing, the efforts they went to working with us was beyond impressive and their commitment to the animals in their care unquestionable. 5 stars from us ☺

    Michelle Hocking (Google Reviews)
  • (5 stars) Rocky love there service he never says a bad word about them.

    Lara Wreckers (Google Reviews)
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