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January 2016 VIP Newsletter

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News from Elcho Park Pet Hotel! 

lauraIt’s January and summer is in full swing! Most of our Christmas guests have finished their holidays and returned home with their special Elcho Park Pet Hotel Christmas Gifts. There have been a few changes over the holiday period and we would like to take the opportunity to welcome our newest addition to the management team, Lauren Hill. Lauren, the daughter of owners Alan and Yvonne Hill has recently bought into the family business and will be looking after the administration and management of Elcho Park Pet Hotel.

Lauren graduated from Deakin University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Sport Management and Finance. During that time she was awarded the Pearson’s Education Award for the highest mark in business communication. She also undertook a number of internships including working with the Victorian Olympic Council and the Australian Olympic Committee, in addition to working regularly for the Carlton Football Club assisting them with Corporate Match Day Hospitality.

Lauren is a successful Equestrian, focusing on the discipline of Eventing. She and her horse Arabian Nights were selected for the Victorian Team to compete at the Pony Club Australia National Horse Trials in 2011 after winning the Victorian State Horse Trails earlier that year. Lauren has also been awarded the Pony Club Association of Victoria’s highest honour for service, the ‘Award of Merit’.

In 2012 Lauren was able to combine her passion for equestrian and sport management by traveling to the United Kingdom. She held the role of working pupil with Australian Equestrian Olympian, Sam Griffiths in the lead up to the London Olympic Games. During the Games, Lauren volunteered for the Australian Olympic Committee and then was contracted for the 2013 Australian Youth Olympic Festival upon her return to Australia.

Lauren has spent the last two and a half years working in a small team at The Sport Australia Hall of Fame where she helped to preserve and celebrate the history of Australian sport through delivering sports 'Night of Nights', the annual Induction and Awards Gala Dinner. The Hall of Fame also aims to excite the next generation of young Australians to achieve their potential both in sport and in life and Lauren helped achieve this through the management of the Mentoring Program as well as working on other programs the Hall of Fame delivers.

With a broad business knowledge and years of experience with animals and the operation of the best pet accommodation in Geelong, look out for some big changes in the coming months! With the weather heating up, our Conservatory suites are extremely popular; offering not only a spacious suite with garden views but also being fully air-conditioned.

yappyhour1While all dogs love the comfort of a cool place to holiday, there are some breeds yappyhour1which benefit greatly from having an air-conditioned room. Brachycephalic breeds (dogs with shortened muzzles) such as Cavalier King Charles, Pugs, Bulldog breeds and Boxers, find the heat particularly difficult to deal with and are at the forefront of our minds over the warmer months.

All hotel activities are scheduled nice and early, in the cool of the day. This allow all guests to spend the warmest part of the day napping in their rooms. Those lucky pets who have additional services booked, have them in the late afternoon in our tree-line and shade covered yards. For our water-babies we have supervised paddling pools available during Yappy Hour.

All guests are monitored routinely throughout the day, with Pet Attendants constantly filling water bowls and checking how everyone is doing. Our Smoothie Snacks are a popular treat over summer; at only $3 each these frozen snacks are ideal for cooling down in the afternoon.

As always, our consulting veterinarians are always on call if we do have a pet who is suffering heat stroke or any other illness.


Tips For Caring For Your Pets Over The Summer 


Even for us humans, the Australian summer can be unbearable - especially when temperatures soar over 35 degrees. Air conditioners are a necessity, cold drinks and swimming in a pool or beach provide us with some relief, but it’s important to spare a thought for the well-being of our furry family members who are also struggling to keep cool!

Here are a few helpful tips that can ensure our companion animals avoid heat stroke this summer:

  1. Ensure that you pet ALWAYS has access to PLENTY of water both inside and outside the house. A good tip is to put ice blocks in them to keep the water cold. You can even freeze containers of beef or chicken stock for outdoor animals.

  2. Avoid walking your pet during the heat of the day. Remember that animals have sensitive pads on their feet that can also get burnt on hot roads and footpaths.
  3. Be careful not to over-exercise your pet. Animals get dehydrated easily as they cannot sweat.
  4. Make sure that you have shaded areas in your backyard to provide protection from the sun.
  5. Animals get sunburnt too and are susceptible to skin cancer. It is important to cover all white skin with a pet friendly sunscreen to help keep your pet safe.
  6. Paddling pools are a great way for animals to keep cool- just be sure to supervise your pets as some animals are not great swimmers. Water spay mists are also good- especially for birds if they like it.
  7. Another great idea is putting ceramic tiles or towels in the freezer and then providing these to your pets to lie on. You can also wipe them down with cold wet towels. Even most cats will allow this when the weather hits extreme temperatures.

  8. Allow outside pets inside to cool down in front of the air conditioner or fan.

  9. NEVER leave any animal in a hot car even for a few minutes!
  10. Know the warning signs of heat stroke- excessive panting, salivating, disorientation, diarrhoea, vomiting and fatigue can all be signs your pet isn’t coping with the heat. Older animals and those overweight can be more susceptible to heat stroke.
  11. Feel free to trim your dog’s coat but do not shave them completely. Dogs coats help protect them from the sun and regulate their body temperature.

If you think that your pet is suffering from heat stroke

  • Cool them down immediately with a cool bath or hose them down
  • Once wet, dry them in from of a fan or air-conditioner

  • Take them to your nearest vet (Keeping them cool on the way there) animals can have internal bleeding or organ failure and can still be at risk of death hours or even a couple of days after suffering heat stroke

Did you know? 

Untitled-4The Beatles recorded a high-pitched dog whistle and placed it into ‘A Day in the Life’ on their album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for Paul McCartney’s beloved Old English Sheepdog, Martha.

The high frequency 15 kilohertz tone cannot be detected by the human ear but will have your pooch groovin’ along to its own Beatles’ beat!









A Day in the Life 


Our guests REALLY enjoy their Playtimes and Yappy Hour!

To view more images, please visit our Facebook Page; Elcho Park Pet Hotel.


Pet Quotes


“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving him only two of them.”

- Phil Pastoret

Complimentary VIP (Very Important Pet) Offer 


About Us

The Pets Hotel Country Club is situated at Elcho Park and boasts a history that dates back 150 years! The bluestone cottage was originally built in 1867 as the gatehouse to the Elcho Homestead located on the hill on Bacchus Marsh Road and was part of a 4,000 acre estate.

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  • Thank you so much to the staff at Elcho Park Pet Hotel! This was the first time leaving our Mac for more than a night and I was so worried as to how he'd go! Staff were very understanding with this worried mum ringing to check on her puppy! He's come home so relaxed and happy and just want some cuddle time! Highly recommend to anyone needing to leave their pets! Thank you all from the De Marchi's and Mac!

    Jessie Henley April 7th 2015 (Facebook)
  • (5 stars) We have 2 high maintenance rescue dogs that have been institutionalised to stay in our local kennels. Unfortunately they were closed over a period recently and we needed to look elsewhere. Elcho Park was recommended to us by our local kennels and we travelled down from Ballan to do a trial. Jocelyn was exceptional and talked us through a long list of obviously well established and used procedures they have in place for difficult to handle dogs. We then subsequently met Ellen and Marnie at check in and check out who were equally knowledgeable, relaxed with handling the boys and encouraging of us keeping in touch to see how the boys progressed. We rang every day!!! Our littlest initially refused to eat which meant he wasn't getting some medication. The girls were extremely creative about getting him comfortable with lots of different snacks, food choices, hiding v crushing up etc. They also went to great lengths to spend time at the pens so he would be more trusting and relaxed. Perseverance paid off and for that we are so grateful. They also came home relaxed, happy and very vocal ... sadly no bark issues here!!! I will agree with others that the pens were a little on the smelly side and the facility does look quite tired and in need of a little love. That said the pens we had the boys in were spotlessly clean and there was lots of clean fresh water when we arrived unannounced to pick them up just after 8:30am Tuesday. All I can say is the team there really is amazing, the efforts they went to working with us was beyond impressive and their commitment to the animals in their care unquestionable. 5 stars from us ☺

    Michelle Hocking (Google Reviews)
  • (5 stars) Rocky love there service he never says a bad word about them.

    Lara Wreckers (Google Reviews)
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