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December 2016

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for very important pets

End of year wrap for The Pets Hotel Country Club!


This year has flown by at what seems an unprecedented rate!


We have been so busy with many changes and plans for the upcoming summer season that we have not found the time to send out our regular monthly newsletter!


We have lots of announcements to share with our wonderful V.I.Ps, first of all we would like to congratulate our Supervisor, Ellen on the arrival of her first child, Johanna! We are delighted for both Ellen and her husband Richard to hear of Johanna’s safe arrival!


Secondly, it is with some sadness that we have recently farewelled our Supervisor, Joslin. Joslin has been with us for many years and I’m sure many of you will know her well. We wish her all the best with her new endeavours and I’m sure we will keep in touch with what she is up to.

Congratulations are in order to a number of our staff members who have completed another qualification this year! We have had nearly all staff completing qualifications in Animal Studies, Companion Animal Services and Veterinary Nursing throughout the year at the Gordon and Federation Training. With so many highly qualified Pet Attendants, your pets couldn't be in better care at The Pets Hotel Country Club!


We are STILL holding our breath for our renovations to begin but have decided to push these back to the start of the new year as December is just far too busy! Look out for a sneak peak of our plans in our January newsletter!


We look forward to welcoming everyone over the next few days and for all our V.I.P.s who are spending Christmas and the New Year at home, we cannot wait to see you all again in 2017!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

- The Team at The Pets Hotel Country Club!



Helpful links if staying at The Pets Hotel Country Club


We are now only days away from Christmas! For those of you who are lucky enough to be staying with us during this bust time here are a few links that might be of help to make check-in and check-out as smooth as possible;










Please have all medications and special diet food (if required) labelled and ready.

  • Medications must be labelled by a vet, for legal requirements we must administer the amount specified on the package label.
  • Special diet food that has not been portioned into daily meals will incur a $5.00 surcharge per meal.


Your pets MUST have a current (within the last 12-months) vaccination record that we MUST sight prior to checking-in! Please ensure you do have these with you as refusal often offends.

We cannot accept ANY bedding or toys. We supply everything your pets need.

This will be our first Christmas with our new operations system so your patience is appreciated during this time.



PLEASE NOTE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY HOURS:Cute-and-lovely-christmas-cat-hd-wallpaper-photos-7

  • Saturday 24th December - 8:30am to 12:45pm (normal hours)
  • Sunday 25th December - CLOSED
  • Monday 26th December - CLOSED
  • Tuesday 27th December - CLOSED
  • Wednesday 28th December - 8:30am to 12:45pm (slightly extended)
  • Thursday 29th December - 8:30am to 5:45pm (normal hours)
  • Friday 30th December - 8:30am to 5:45pm (normal hours)
  • Saturday 31st December - 8:30am to 12:45pm (normal hours)
  • Sunday 1st January - CLOSED
  • Monday 2nd January - CLOSED
  • Tuesday 3rd January - 8:30am to 5:45pm (normal hours)



The Pets Hotel Country Club Dog Agility Training - Expression of Interest Invited overview1


We have a new maintenance team who been working tirelessly over the last few weeks to repair our dog agility equipment.

It will be all back out in our Yappy Yard shortly and we are taking expressions of interest in regular agility classes in the New Year!

More than just an ‘obedience class’ this group will help you teach your dog more fun and interactive skills and activities that you can enjoy together.

Please contact the office 5282-1286 or send an email to to register your interest.

Class times and frequency will depend on feedback received and will only commence if enough interest is shown.

Keeping Your Pets Cool During Summer

The Pets Hotel Country Club has many policies and procedures for the hot weather that we often experience in a Victorian summer. We also have a range of accommodation types with air-conditioning and cooling measures to look after each breed and pet’s requirements.

Here are some tips from the RSPCA Victoria for what you can do at home:cool pets

  • All pets must be kept in cool, shady areas. It is ideal to bring pets indoors on hot days.

  • Small pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs and birds, are particularly susceptible to heat. Please bring these animals indoors during hot weather. If allowed free run in a laundry or bathroom, they will benefit from the cool tiles. If this is not possible, drape their cage with wet towels and provide a sturdy icepack or frozen water bottle for the animal to lean against so it can to regulate its own body temperature. Make sure the animals' enclosures are out of direct sunlight and protected from the sun as the shade moves throughout the day.
  • Provide plenty of fresh, cool water in large water containers. Be sure to provide numerous sources of water in case one is spilt. Ensure the containers are in the shade and add some ice to the water to keep it cool.

  • Place a clam shell pool in the shade and fill it with water so your dog can wade in the water to keep cool. If your pet's share your yard with children, remember to have all necessary precautions in place, including fencing, in order to keep children safe.

  • Walk your dog in the coolness of the early morning or evening, especially on very hot days. You may even take your pet to the local beach, creek or river to let it have a paddle to cool down. This will help your pet avoid possible dehydration, sunburn and potentially painful paws and it will help you and your pet enjoy the walk more.

  • If your pet seems to be in discomfort, try wetting its feet and misting water onto its face. This is an option for dogs, cats, ferrets, poultry and caged birds as many animals control their inner temperature through their feet. It’s important not to saturate a bird's feathers as this can cause them to go into shock.

For tips on how to look after other animals in the heat, click here.


Pet Quote  

christmas pug by youngmey

“Love came down at Christmas, love all lovely, love divine, love was born at Christmas, stars and angels gave the sign”. (Christina Rossetti)




Complimentary VIP (Very Important Pet) Offer 

 v.i.p. Christmas gifts

About Us

The Pets Hotel Country Club is situated at Elcho Park and boasts a history that dates back 150 years! The bluestone cottage was originally built in 1867 as the gatehouse to the Elcho Homestead located on the hill on Bacchus Marsh Road and was part of a 4,000 acre estate.

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  • Thank you so much to the staff at Elcho Park Pet Hotel! This was the first time leaving our Mac for more than a night and I was so worried as to how he'd go! Staff were very understanding with this worried mum ringing to check on her puppy! He's come home so relaxed and happy and just want some cuddle time! Highly recommend to anyone needing to leave their pets! Thank you all from the De Marchi's and Mac!

    Jessie Henley April 7th 2015 (Facebook)
  • (5 stars) We have 2 high maintenance rescue dogs that have been institutionalised to stay in our local kennels. Unfortunately they were closed over a period recently and we needed to look elsewhere. Elcho Park was recommended to us by our local kennels and we travelled down from Ballan to do a trial. Jocelyn was exceptional and talked us through a long list of obviously well established and used procedures they have in place for difficult to handle dogs. We then subsequently met Ellen and Marnie at check in and check out who were equally knowledgeable, relaxed with handling the boys and encouraging of us keeping in touch to see how the boys progressed. We rang every day!!! Our littlest initially refused to eat which meant he wasn't getting some medication. The girls were extremely creative about getting him comfortable with lots of different snacks, food choices, hiding v crushing up etc. They also went to great lengths to spend time at the pens so he would be more trusting and relaxed. Perseverance paid off and for that we are so grateful. They also came home relaxed, happy and very vocal ... sadly no bark issues here!!! I will agree with others that the pens were a little on the smelly side and the facility does look quite tired and in need of a little love. That said the pens we had the boys in were spotlessly clean and there was lots of clean fresh water when we arrived unannounced to pick them up just after 8:30am Tuesday. All I can say is the team there really is amazing, the efforts they went to working with us was beyond impressive and their commitment to the animals in their care unquestionable. 5 stars from us ☺

    Michelle Hocking (Google Reviews)
  • (5 stars) Rocky love there service he never says a bad word about them.

    Lara Wreckers (Google Reviews)
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