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  • Vaccinations: Every pet must have a current vaccination prior to checking-in. Pets that have not been vaccinated for more than 12 months must be vaccinated no less than ten (10) days before checking-in for boarding, Doggy Day Care or day spa activities and grooming. By Law; vaccination certificates need to be sighted by a member of The Pets Hotel Country Club team prior to your pet entering the facility.
    • Required vaccinations are as follow: 
      • Dogs Require: A minimum of C5 Vaccination. This vaccination covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para influenza and Boardatella bronchiseptia. Note: Dogs that receive the new 3 yearly vaccination must still have a yearly canine cough vaccination.
      • Cats Require: A minimum of F3 Vaccination. This vaccination covers Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu.


  • Flea and Worm Treatments: All pets must have had recent flea and worm treatment not more than 1-month prior to check-in as per the Victorian Code of Practice for Boarding Kennels and Catteries. Any pets coming into The Pets Hotel Country Club that are found to have fleas or worms will receive immediate treatment at the cost of the owner.


  • Safe Transfer: Your pet's safety is important, therefore, ALL pets entering and exiting The Pets Hotel Country Club must be on a leash or in a carrier until they are in the control of a Pet Attendant. The Pets Hotel Country Club provides identification collars upon arrival; therefore, all carriers, leashes, collars and harnesses will be returned to owner upon check-in. Any pet that will be checked-in or checked-out by a person other than the owner is required to have a written authority signed by the owner.


  • Entire Dogs: If your dog is an entire male, they will not be socialised with other dogs. It is not a reflection on the dog himself, as entire animals can be extremely social and well behaved. It is more so because the dynamics of the pack of dogs’ changes considerably and therefore makes it an unstable environment and can lead to fights. We have duty of care to all clients and will endeavour to do our best to assess all dogs to find them suitable playmates. Their Playtimes will be one dog per yard and will be given the same time as a group. Due to hygiene issues we do not accept entire cats.


  • Hours: The Pets Hotel provides 24-hour care to your pets; however, the current reception hours are between 8:30am - 11:00am and 3:00pm - 5:45pm Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 11:00am Saturday and 12:00pm to 4:00pm Sunday. Facility tours will be conducted daily by appointment only. Pets are not allowed on the tours. Due to COVID laws, these hours may change.


  • Reservations: Bookings outside of peak periods do not require a deposit. During Christmas and Easter a 20% non-refundable booking fee is required. The booking fee will be credited to your account if cancellations are made no later than 20 days prior to arrival. We have a 7-day minimum booking over the Christmas holiday season. There is a 5-day minimum booking over Easter and a two-day minimum over long weekends. We accept cash, EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard. If you require accommodation during school holidays it is advisable to book early. Please make us aware if someone other than yourself is picking-up your pet, as a matter of security pets will not be checked-out to people who we are not expecting.

  • Rates: All rates are based on twin share accommodation. The Pets Hotel Country Club has a buddy policy which we recommend for most dogs. We match dogs according to size, age and activity level, and then we monitor them to ensure there are no "personality clashes". Some dogs must be boarded on their own due to size, temperament or breed characteristics. A single supplement may be charged on weekends and in peak seasons if single accommodation is required. You are charged for the first day of boarding regardless of the time that you check-in. Your check-out day is free, if you check-out prior to 10.00am Monday - Saturday and before 1:00pm on Sundays. 

  • Health Care: The health and safety of your pet is important to us; therefore, if your pet becomes sick or is injured during their stay, The Pets Hotel Country Club will seek Veterinary treatment. All Veterinary accounts will be required to be paid by the pet's owner as outlined in the Boarding Agreement.


  • Food: The Pets Hotel Country Club feeds premium quality foods that do not contain preservatives or additives. If your pet has special dietary requirements we will feed your own food as long as it is pre-packaged in each serving size or easily dispensed, with your pets name on it. Special Feeds are charged at $1.50 per serving. 
  • Medication: The Pets Hotel Country Club will administer oral and topical medications at a rate of $1.50 per dosage. If we deem the pet to be difficult to administer, you will incur a $2.50 charge per medication administration. The Pets Hotel Country Club can only accept medication that is directly labelled by the prescribing veterinary clinic. Medications that do not have a clear, unaltered veterinary label displayed on the packaging cannot be accepted or administered. This does not include off the shelf natural, homeopathic or alternative treatments.
  • Exercise: The Pets Hotel Country Club aim is for every V.I.P. to have a fun-filled time whilst in our care. To ensure this is met, we include a daily Play Time or Yappy Hour as a standard service for all dogs. Additional activities are available; please see our services menu. Cat plays are not automatically included as some cats are not fond of handling. However, if you have a cat who loves to cuddle and play, these sessions can be booked.


  • Bedding and Belongings: The Pets Hotel Country Club provides every pet with clean and comfortable bedding and a variety of safe toys. To maintain our high standard of safety and sanitization we cannot accept any pet belongings. However, we can accept a small reminder of you e.g. old T-Shirt. Please be aware that this item will not be returned, The Pets Hotel Country Club holds no responsibility for any items brought in to the facility with any pet! We suggest not leaving any item with us that wouldn’t be missed or is expensive.

  •  General: The Pets Hotel Country Club reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pet who does not have proof of vaccination, displays signs of having a contagious condition or demonstrates aggressive behaviour. Our prices, policies and hours are not negotiable and are subject to change without notice.Dogs less than 4 months old and cats less than 3 months old, will not be accepted for overnight boarding other than in exceptional circumstances.

  • Bathing: Your dogs will spend much of their time playing, as a result they will become dirty. To ensure your dog returns home feeling, looking and smelling like a V.I.P. All dogs who stay one night or more with us will receive a bath at a cost of $12 for small dogs and $15 for medium dogs and $20 for large dogs (price based on size is subject to The Pets Hotel Country Club discretion).

About Us

The Pets Hotel Country Club is situated at Elcho Park and boasts a history that dates back 150 years! The bluestone cottage was originally built in 1867 as the gatehouse to the Elcho Homestead located on the hill on Bacchus Marsh Road and was part of a 4,000 acre estate.

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  • Thank you so much to the staff at Elcho Park Pet Hotel! This was the first time leaving our Mac for more than a night and I was so worried as to how he'd go! Staff were very understanding with this worried mum ringing to check on her puppy! He's come home so relaxed and happy and just want some cuddle time! Highly recommend to anyone needing to leave their pets! Thank you all from the De Marchi's and Mac!

    Jessie Henley April 7th 2015 (Facebook)
  • (5 stars) We have 2 high maintenance rescue dogs that have been institutionalised to stay in our local kennels. Unfortunately they were closed over a period recently and we needed to look elsewhere. Elcho Park was recommended to us by our local kennels and we travelled down from Ballan to do a trial. Jocelyn was exceptional and talked us through a long list of obviously well established and used procedures they have in place for difficult to handle dogs. We then subsequently met Ellen and Marnie at check in and check out who were equally knowledgeable, relaxed with handling the boys and encouraging of us keeping in touch to see how the boys progressed. We rang every day!!! Our littlest initially refused to eat which meant he wasn't getting some medication. The girls were extremely creative about getting him comfortable with lots of different snacks, food choices, hiding v crushing up etc. They also went to great lengths to spend time at the pens so he would be more trusting and relaxed. Perseverance paid off and for that we are so grateful. They also came home relaxed, happy and very vocal ... sadly no bark issues here!!! I will agree with others that the pens were a little on the smelly side and the facility does look quite tired and in need of a little love. That said the pens we had the boys in were spotlessly clean and there was lots of clean fresh water when we arrived unannounced to pick them up just after 8:30am Tuesday. All I can say is the team there really is amazing, the efforts they went to working with us was beyond impressive and their commitment to the animals in their care unquestionable. 5 stars from us ☺

    Michelle Hocking (Google Reviews)
  • (5 stars) Rocky love there service he never says a bad word about them.

    Lara Wreckers (Google Reviews)
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